Thistle Finch Distillery

But the spirits made here are not the only reason the space is so charming… 

Down a quiet side alley, illuminated by inviting spotlights, you will find Thistle Finch Distillery:  a small-batch distillery located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Upon entry, you are welcomed by smiling faces and a delightful scent of grains and botanicals.

But the spirits made here are not the only reason the space is so charming…  The warehouse building is shared with another local establishment, Wacker Brewing Company, who makes a variety of classic inspired beers.

Yes – you read that correctly – you can enjoy craft spirits and craft beer under the same roof!

But this did not come easily…. The distillery fought very hard for tailored legislation which would allow them to share the space with their comrades. But, through persistence, they succeeded.

The brick structure is cozy inside, with vintage yet modern décor, along with two bar areas. One is to enjoy Wacker’s tap beer while the other serves tastings of Thistle Finch’s spirits and even craft cocktails.

To make your time there even more enjoyable, a plethora of board games are available for patrons to play.


Now let’s get to the spirits…



  • White Rye
  • Black Coffee
  • Black Pepper
  • Straight Rye
  • 151 Rye


  • Penn Square
  • Lavender
  • Rose


  • Market Alley
  • Barrel Rested


You can try each spirit in the form of a tasting ($2.00 per) or you can enjoy them in a delicious classic cocktail or a seasonal libation (each only $8.00). Either way, you will not be disappointed.  Every spirit is perfectly smooth with its own unique flavor profile.

And if you get hungry while you’re visiting, no problem! They serve bratwurst, hot dogs, homemade soft pretzels, and even German potato salad.

Please make sure to put this distillery on your list of “must-tour” facilities.




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