Garden Grove

Garden Grove - A garden cocktail that is inspired by...well...the garden... and it will make you love whiskey!


2 oz.


1 oz.

framboise liqueur

3/4 oz.

honey syrup

1/2 oz.

lime juice


medium sweet pepper (see picture for reference)

Glassware & Tools:

  • Rocks Glass

  • Boston Shaker

  • Jiggers

  • Muddle

  • Hawthorne Strainer

  • Conical Strainer

This garden cocktail will certainly trick your tastebuds… You may be thinking, “Oh I don’t like whiskey, so this cocktail isn’t for me.” Well, think again.

This drink boasts layers of flavor. Initially, the tartness of the lime combines with the tangy pepper. Then, the flavor yields to floral notes from the honey syrup as well as a subtle sweetness from the raspberry liqueur. Finally, the gentle sweet finish of the bourbon pulls through and lingers on your palate.

When it comes to the ingredients, everything is inspired from a summer garden. The honey embodies the buzzing bees, which pollinate the garden. Framboise liqueur, which is simply a fancy name for a French liqueur made from raspberries, highlights the ripe berry bushes. While the lime and pepper are a nod to the hard-earned harvest of a well-kept garden.

With summer right around the corner, this is a recipe you can enjoy during these waning spring days. And, of course, a cocktail you can enjoy all summer long.

How to Make:

  1. Place sweet pepper along with honey syrup into the base of your Boston Shaker and muddle thoroughly
  2. Then add additional ingredients as well as ice
  3. Seal and shake until well chilled
  4. Double strain into a rocks glass with ice
  5. Garnish with sweet pepper


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