What you missed this month: February

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Time for your February industry update. Here's what you may have missed.

While February may be the shortest month (and its end may have snuck up on you), that doesn’t mean that tons of industry news didn’t happen within its 28 days. Since we know that you may have gotten distracted by a whole slew of things — the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, the Olympics, who knows! We’ve taken the liberty to catch you up. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink, and check it out below.

Live longer by… drinking?

Ever heard of the mythical Fountain of Youth? While such an amazing relic has never been found — if it ever existed in the first place — we have a pretty good guess about what it was filled with. And it may surprised you. It’s beer. Lots and lots of beer. According to a 15-year-long study of the “oldest-old” (people in their 90s) released this month drinkers who indulge in two glasses of beer or wine per day are 18 percent less likely to experience premature death than those who don’t. Why? According to UPI, primary researcher neurologist Claudia Kawas has no idea. “I have no explanation for it, but I do firmly believe that modest drinking improves longevity,” she said. The study also found that drinking two cups of coffee per day has a similar effect — those drinkers are 10 percent less likely to experience premature death. You know what this calls for? A steaming cuppa joe right now… and ice-cold beer a bit later.

The rise of rosé

Valentine’s Day may be over, and all of those delectable boxes of chocolate may be on sale, but we’ve got some exciting news… This month, premier hard cider maker Angry Orchard joined the likes of Strongbow and Bold Rock by releasing a rosé-inspired cider — and just in time for spring. The light, refreshing flavors of the new cider were inspired by fruity and floral notes present in most rosé wines, which themselves have gained a foothold with younger-skewing audiences looking for luxurious alternatives to heavy beers and dense red wines. And the color certainly doesn’t hurt anything here. This particular shade is usually called “Millennial pink” — thanks to its frequent appearance in modern fashion, design, and social media — which means that it could attract even more attention from younger drinkers. For those who haven’t checked out our rosé-inspired cocktails yet, please take a look here.

West Virginia could ban BYOB

A bill that continued moving through the West Virginia state legislature this month would clarify Sunday liquor-sale law and make it clear that BYOB establishments are illegal in the state, among other changes, if passed. The bill would also “require bars to timely notify emergency-medical or law-enforcement personnel of life-threatening medical emergencies,” according to Herald Mail Media, as a result of a May 2016 incident that saw a 22-year-old man die after using drugs obtained from another patron at an area gentleman’s club. WV Senate Judiciary Committee members agreed upon an exception to the BYOB ban for wine only, but the most controversial part of the legislation may be the provision to allow Sunday liquor sales statewide beginning at 10 a.m. While each county can individually decide whether to allow licensed establishments to begin Sunday alcohol sales, this legislation may offer a widespread ruling.

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